Category: Sad Status

Looking for sad status? Well, Sadness is a feeling in which we feel sorrow or unhappy. Some happenings in our lives are not pleasant. And these unpleasant events in our lives make us unhappy and eventually sad. There can be many causes of sadness. When we are sad we get really emotional and get carried away by these emotions. This sadness in our life can be due to some bad memories in our past. Some happenings in our love life due to our partner. In life, it is hard to forget about the pain of broken heart as it is unbearable.

Emotional Sad Status for Whatsapp:

I have listed a great collection of sad status, sad quotes. Emotional status, hurt status, heart touching status and sad quotes about life. I have enlisted some of best sad status in English that are also for breakup status and alone status. Following is the list where you will find the sad Whatsapp status for your current mind state and express your pain through your status.

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